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    They are shiny! They can move! They are CHALLENGE! A perfect gift for those who may yell: "COOL!" when watching these tiny creative things. It is definitely worth a try to get them into your display window.

    A series mechanical metal model specialists from Ukraine with high quality and creative design. Amazing kits for gifts and hobbies. Attractive for little boys and big boys!

    If you looking for a finished model display solution, please feel free to ask us via info@bubblesup.com.au

    18 products
    T4M38030 - Tiny Sportcar
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    T4M38028 - Cute Double-decker
    T4M38023 - Mediveal Hockey
    Sold Out
    T4M38026 - Gorgeous Gearbox
    T4M38027 - Luxury Roadster
    T4M38024 - Starbreeze Explorer
    T4M38025 - Chrome Rider
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    T4MTOOLPRO-Toolkit Pro
    T4MTOOLSTD-Toolkit Standard
    T4M380132-Mysterious Timer 2
    T4M380122-Marvel Tank 2
    T4M-380112-Glorious Cabrio 2
    T4M38020-Perfecto Card Case
    T4M38019-Hot Tractor
    T4M38018-Heavenly Hercules
    T4M38017-Dazzling Steamliner
    T4M38016 - Royal Voyager
    T4M38015 - Silver Bullet
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