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MU Art Model

The only manufacturer that gets the authorization from Hasbro for metal model kits. The latest series, the oriental collections with LED lights are much suitable for the beginner. BubblesUp is the MU exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand.

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Time For Machine

With Time for Machine, you can craft models that shine, models that move, models that turn your home and workplace into a tiny world of creativity.

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An emerging brand for the wooden model kit with a large group of fans around the world. They provide a wide range of design and high quality and get plenty of positive feedback from customers.

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A series of licensed, more real look, high-performance products made by Killerbody, including 2020 new Transformers Speakers and Figurines.

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DIY Kits

The most fashionable and detailed DIY Miniature houses in the world. Handmade all the parts together by yourself, enjoy the pleasure of creating your dream house. With all kinds of mini houses and apartments, you can find what you love!

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Ishizuka started in 1819, and since then it has been working on various products. Here, we will introduce its tableware brand ADERIA.

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Tsugaru Vidro

Tsugaru Vidro is handcrafted on the northern tip of Japan's main island. Passionately with nature’s splendour to the smallest details.

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