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    MU has a series of Transformers 3D puzzle/Model designs.  The latest gift series that is able to be crafted by anyone. The different products always catch people's eye.

    All new collections with LED lights are much suitable for the beginner. They are very beautiful gifts and attractive hobbies.

    If you looking for a finished model display solution, please feel free to ask us via

    51 products
    YM-N128-C Magpie Luck Nest
    YM-N122 Starry sky playground
    from $14.20
    YM-N121 Elven Series
    YM-N104 Tour to the World (Asia)
    YM-N118 Tour to the World (Western)
    YM-N110 Tunes of Guqin
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    YM-N115 Birds pay homage to the Phoenix
    YM-N116 Star Boat "The dragon carrier"
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    YM-N117 Atlantis
    YM-L048 G1 Star Saber
    Gift Tool Set GJ-01N
    Display box for YM-N106
    YM-N051 Fancy Carriage of Princess Collection
    YM-N106-Foxlady Fairland
    YM-N095-Ponlai warderland
    YM-N090-Moon Palace
    YM-N089-Zodiac Constellation
    YM-N086-Tiger I Heavy Tank
    YM-N070-Cheifitan Main Battle Tank
    YM-N068-Bat-chatillon 25T Tank
    YM-N038-Sherman Tank
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    YM-N015S-SC Battle Cruiser
    YM-N025-SC Siege Edition Tank
    YM-N030-SC Siege Tank 2.0
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    YM-N020-SC Thor Armor
    YM-L082-IDW Tarn
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    YM-L081-IDW Megatron
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    YM-L080-IDW Optimus Prime
    YM-L078-G1 Starscream
    YM-L067-G1 Wheeljack
    YM-L066 Bumblebee movie style
    YM-L064-Movie Style Mini Vehicle 6 Styles
    YM-L059-G1 Shockwave
    YM-L058-G1 Jazz
    YM-L057-IDW Drift
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    YM-L056-G1 Bumblebee
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    YM-L055-G1 Megatron
    YM-L054-T5 Sqweeks
    YM-L053-T5 Mini Bumblebee
    YM-L049C-G1 Mini-Cassettes Frenzy
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