YM-L057-IDW Drift

SKU: YM-L057
YM-L057-IDW Drift
YM-L057-IDW Drift
YM-L057-IDW Drift

YM-L057-IDW Drift

SKU: YM-L057
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Transformers Drift

Drift was not always an Autobot. In fact, he slaughtered quite a few when he was known as the Decepticon Deadlock. But Deadlock's eyes were opened to what the Transformers' war had become when he stumbled across a lost faction of neutral Transformers long since forgotten. He discarded his ruthless ways, abandoned his guns for swords, and changed his name and appearance.


"We're going about this the wrong way, all of us! After countless centuries of fighting ... the Autobots are a step away from what we were when all this started. And us—the Decepticons have become something worse than any of us could have imagined."

-----Drift explains his new perception of the war to his former commander

Additional Information:

  • Over 12 Estimated Hours
  • 5 Pcs of real steel
  • 291 Pcs Assembling
  • 150*90*160mm Finished Dimension
  • 210*270*47mm Package Size
  • 190*250mm Sheet Size
  • Made by 430 Stainless Steel
  • Difficulty Level ★★★★★★

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